Dundalk Patch Readers Say 'Thanks' This Holiday Season

Another rough year is almost in the history books, but many Dundalk Patch readers have plenty of reasons to be grateful.

Thanksgiving is a time of year when we pause and reflect on the many blessings in our lives, from healthy family members to a job that continues to pay the bills.

Dundalk Patch readers sent in Thanksgiving messages to share their appreciation for and with family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

If you'd like to add your thanks, please leave a message in the comment section below.

From Darlene Moll:

"I am thankful for my parents, Connie and Dorothy Mullins. My husband of 30 years, Michael Moll. My beautiful daughters Michelle Goldys and husband Marty and Lisa Moll and Josh Carmine. I am thankful for my home and all my family and friends. We have had a trying year but we survived because we all stuck together. Hug your family and tell them every chance you get that you love them. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to everyone."

From "Eliz:"

"I am thankful for every day of the year, that I can get up, (I) thank the Lord for my many blessings He has bestowed upon me (through) the year. I have a wonderful family to be thankful for and many friends that make my life complete. Thank you dear Lord for everything. God bless all!"

From "Leni605:"

"I am very thankful that God has brought my family and I this far in life. Thanksgiving shouldn't be the only day we should 'Thank' the Lord, every day should be a thanksgiving day. I am thankful and blessed that he has brought us out into the country to live, learn, love, most of all to further His work and will. I am thankful that God never gave up on me, He brought me out of the gutter of this earth, to be a soldier in His army. I am thankful for my husband and three beautiful children I have been so blessed. The list could go on and on, I wish you all a HAPPY AND BLESSED thanksgiving with your family. God bless."

From Lauren Rose Klinedinst:

"I'm thankful for my wonderful family and friends. I'm thankful for a roof over my head and food on the table. I'm thankful for all of the civil servants who work each and every day to keep us safe, save lives and fight for our freedom. Mostly, I'm thankful for my amazing husband and our three beautiful children, because without them I would be nothing. Happy Thanksgiving!"

From Terry Yale Barcikowski:

"I'm thankful this year that my daughter will be spending the holiday at home with family this year, instead of being in the hospital (like) last year. So very thankful for the wonderful doctors and nurses at the Johns Hopkins Cystic Fibrosis Center and the Children's Center."

From Virginia Barco Cain:

"First my faith and then my BIG Italian family. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving."

From Adolf Kowalski:

"I'm thankful to be alive and living in Dundalk."

From Mary Lotito:

"I am thankful (for) my family and that I have a roof over my head and food. Although the holidays are hard for me, I have my dad and my brother to help me, though Mom I miss and love you. Happy Thanksgiving everyone."

From BeverlyAnn Weiman:

"I am thankful that after 10 years of dating ... Brian Day FINALLY asked me to marry him ... and of course I said YES!!!"

From Jenny Jablonski:

"Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. J—miss you and wish we were in Dundalk!"

From Lily Davis:

"I am thankful for my wonderful fiancé, David Hook, and our beautiful son, Tucker!"

From Lois Moline Backscheider:

"I am sending virtual hugs and thanks to all my friends in Baltimore, Hon!"

From Lois DiCarlo:

"Happy Thanksgiving to the entire four generations of the Heath, Winter and Dunn families—celebrating at Momma Heath's today."

From Amy White:

"I am thankful for my husband and best friend, Bob White. I never take him for granted. I thank God every day for sending me someone like him. Happy Thanksgiving."

From Nancy O'Neil Cook:

"I wish for a year of hope, joy and love for my family, extended family, friends but also for the USA. We need to remember what we are truly thankful for and I pray we find hope, joy and love for each other."

From Charles Michael Sussan:

"I'm thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in other peoples' (lives). 12 step Program on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM at Eastern Assembly.This ministry seeks to celebrate God’s healing and redemptive power in our lives through the “8 Recovery Principles” Celebrate Recovery is based on. We invite you to use our ministry to experience change, allow God’s grace to help you solve life’s problems, and allow him to release you from your addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors that have been holding you back from authentic joy in your life. Check us out atwww.easternassembly.org under ministries; 7923 Wise Ave., Dundalk MD 21222, 410-285-6010."

From Dundalk Patch Editor Marge Neal:

"I'm very grateful for the warm reception I have received in the nearly nine months I have been back in Greater Dundalk, where I am blessed with the opportunity to write about a community I love and care deeply about. I'm thankful for readers who participate in conversations on the site, send in tips and photographs, submit event listings and announcements, write blogs and otherwise keep the site growing and hopping! Happy Thanksgiving!"

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