Photo of the Day: 'Hanging Out'

Dundalk Patch presents its Photo of the Day.

Edgemere photographer Kris Kondylas, putting a new camera through a workout, headed to North Point State Park—a favorite shooting location for local photographers.

He captured this image of a bird hanging from a "monkey ball" that was in turn still clinging to a tree at the Edgemere park.

"I am not sure what type of bird is in the ... photo," Kondylas said in an email to Dundalk Patch. "I tried doing a little research and wasn't able to find anything. All I know is it was a hyper little thing and I was able to capture it hanging from the monkey ball."

Maybe some of Patch's birdwatchers can identify the bird for us.

Do you have a photo you'd like considered for Dundalk Patch's Photo of the Day? Add it to this article or send it to marge.neal@patch.com.


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