Mega Millions Lottery Game Changes Mean Much Higher Jackpot Odds

Jackpots will increase faster but the odds of winning the big prize will increase significantly.

The multi-state Mega Millions lottery game has implemented some changes that will cause the jackpot to roll faster and climb to higher payouts.

That announcement brings mixed news to lottery players. While winning a lesser prize will get easier, the odds of winning the grand prize will significantly increase. 

Participating states, including Maryland, agreed to the changes that took place Oct. 19, according to the Maryland Lottery website.

New game features include:

  • The starting jackpot will change from $12 million to $15 million
  • The field of numbers from which to choose will change from 1 to 56 to 1 to 75
  • The Mega number field will change from 1 to 46 to 1 to 15
  • The overall odds of winning a prize will change from 1 in 40 to 1 in 15
  • The odds of winning the jackpot will change from 1 in 176 million to 1 in 259 million
  • The jackpot annuity payout time will change from 26 years to 30 years
For more information, visit the Maryland Lottery website.
Brad Metheny October 25, 2013 at 06:57 AM
The lottery officials run this the same as an insurance company would. They don't mind taking in all the money but when they have to pay out then they have to change the structure of the game insuring less large payouts. You probably have a better chance of being struck by lightning 3 times in the same day!


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