North Point Corridor to Get 2 New 7-11 Stores

New franchises are moving into a former Wendy's on North Point Boulevard and the former Pantry 1 on North Point Road.

A relatively small portion of Greater Dundalk will soon have what many believe to be more than its fair share of convenience stores.

The 7-11 chain will open two new stores in locations recently vacated by other businesses.

The former Wendy's at 4000 North Point Blvd. has much of its exterior renovations completed and now has the iconic look of a 7-11, complete with a sign.

It will compete with a Royal Farms at 4015 North Point Blvd. and a WaWa at 4017 North Point Blvd.

The former Pantry 1 convenience store at 7100 North Point Rd. in Edgemere, which closed abruptly about six weeks ago, will also be a new 7-11 store.

Residents fear the new store will compete with a long-established 7-11 at 2324 Sparrows Point Road, about a mile away.

Less than three miles separate all five stores, with the three North Point Boulevard stores within a block of each other.

While 7-11's corporate office did not return phone calls requesting an interview regarding the new and existing stores, local residents say they've heard a variety of possible scenarios.

"I heard the owner of the (Sparrows Point Road) store might be closing his store and taking over the new one here on North Point," Shallow Creek Bookstore Cafe employee Don Chaney said. "That store isn't getting business from (RG Steel) any more, and people from this part of the peninsula are driving out of their way to go there. If they move up here, they'll get this traffic, and we're hoping it will be good for us as well."

The addition of the 7-11 across the road from the existing WaWa and Royal Farms makes less sense to Chaney.

"I don't see what kind of business they will pick up, with the other two right there," he said. "Maybe with (the McDonald's) right there, they will catch the fast food shoppers who will stop to pick up milk and bread, that sort of thing."

Do you think this small area can support five convenience stores? Start the conversation in the comments section below.

Al Day October 17, 2012 at 04:32 PM
The prices are quite a bit higher at these stores and it always amazes me why anyone would shop at any of these stores. Reminds me of third world nations. Buy enough at a regular store at lower prices to put on your shelf and leave these 'convenience' stores alone if you like the green stuff in your wallet.
abandon support October 17, 2012 at 05:13 PM
There are too many 7-Eleven stores in the area now,Be nice if something different other then a Mcdonalds could take up residence.
bb October 17, 2012 at 09:37 PM
More convenience stores means more trash and debris along North Point Rd. They like to make the money but do not want to clean up the mess. If there is a bus stop close to the store it will stay trashed. Drive through Dundalk and you will see what I mean. Gas stations and convenience stores are the worst offenders.
Judy October 18, 2012 at 12:45 AM
We definitely didn't need another convenience store in the area. I was hoping for a Taco Bell at the old Wendy's.
Wayne Monroe October 18, 2012 at 09:52 AM
If they close the Seven-11 on Sparrows Point Road then hopefully McDonalds will open a new place at the former M&T branch next door and give the people hanging out at Seven-11 a place to go. Parking is inadequate at the former Pantry 1. As far as being American-owned the opportunities are there for any American willing to take the risk and pony up the franchise fee and work six and seven days a week to make a living.


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