Handmade in Canada, Seagull S6 + CW Cedar Guitar for Sale or Trade

Handmade in Canada, Seagull S6 + CW Cedar Guitar for sale or trade. Has blemishes on front, broken spot on back, and is missing a bridge pin. Great reviews of this model are on the Internet. Well liked model. It's about a $200 number, but the model goes for $300-$350 in great shape. Any reasonable offer accepted. I am in need of computer equipment: maybe a good tower, or a laptop, or a 2T external hard drive can be part of or all of a trade. My email address is over there in the links column. I scored this guitar while dumpster diving, and it takes a lot of work and time at d-divin before I hit one this good. I earned this guitar in a hard way, and will not part with it too cheaply. But I'm flat broke and need to market it for money and/or desperately needed computer gear. Here's where there's photos of it: http://duckndive.blogspot.com/2013/08/handmade-in-canada-seagull-s6-cw-cedar.html


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