Hostile Work Environment, Sexual Misconduct Charges Alleged Against Property Management In Baltimore County

EEOC Complaint and police report made while county officials refuse comment

Timika Grant, a 33 year old Custodial Worker 1, filed an EEOC complaint against Baltimore County on September 18, alleging sexual misconduct against her supervisor Tony Bryant while other employees complained of a hostile work environment in which a police report was filled.

In the complaint filed by Ms. Grant she alleges her custodial supervisor, Tony Bryant, started calling her personal cell phone number after making an unwanted sexual favor request at the county picnic.  Mr. Bryant asked Ms. Grant if she wanted to hang out and she responded no because he was her supervisor.  It was at this point that Mr. Bryant allegedly told Ms. Grant he could make her working environment “bad.”

Ms. Grant stated prior to her encounter with Mr. Bryant she had only one counseling form working at other locations and while under Mr. Bryant’s supervision she had four filed against her by Mr. Bryant in a short matter of time.  She further stated she tried to meet with her boss The Director of Property Management George Klunk, to mediate the situation and no action was taken.  Ms. Grant further stated that Mr. Klunk told her to clean the building while using profanity.  In another attempt to rectify the situation Ms. Grant said she also went to the union before filing her complaint.

Several employees who spoke on condition of anonymity fearing retaliation spoke of profane language being used constantly by Mr. Klunk.   At one point Ms. Grant walked by a partially open door and allegedly heard Mark Neal, another supervisor, speak of treating the custodial workers “mean” in an effort to force them out in so the county doesn’t have to  pay unemployment.

The hours of the custodial workers were changed from the normal day shift of 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. to 5 a.m. to 1 p.m.  One high ranking county official said he felt the move was made to force out the custodians in order to bring in contract workers to which no benefits would have to be paid.

The police report emanated after Mr. Bryant allegedly recorded a conversation with an employee. When the employee found out they contacted the Baltimore County Police Department which wrote a report which was then forwarded to the county state’s attorney’s office because it is illegal to record a person’s voice without permission.  A police report number involving the incident was confirmed.

Ms. Grant wanted people to know that when supervisors deal with workers they should act professionally and treat them with respect.

A phone call seeking a comment from Mr. Klunk was not returned and Baltimore County’s Deputy Director of Communications Ellen Kobler refused comment on my first phone call and did not return my second call.

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Buzz Beeler November 05, 2012 at 07:52 PM
Ed, when I was running for county council, I meet Kamenetz at a event. He said "I heard you're running against John." I replied yes I was then asked what are some of the problems down there. I started to respond and he cut me off and responded. I could not believe my ears when he said - matter of factually, it's been a while so I can't quote but he said to me, well you know a councilman's job is to fill potholes for the constituents. That is almost a direct quote. When I heard that I turned to my friend and could not believe what this man running for county executive just said. He then turned and walked away.
Jenn November 06, 2012 at 07:42 PM
since you think I'm Tina....I"ll let you keeping thinking it. Why don't you inform everyone about Timika's record since the article/blog is about her... 19 arrest since 2001 attempted murder, armed robbery, etc, etc, etc,...wow What a steller citizen. You may have missed the earlier post with this information. I didn't want you to miss this inportant piece of information since it seems you are full of it. you can take that anyway you like but I know how I meant it.
Norman Clarkson November 07, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Buzz I've been a resident of Towson for over 40 years and have seen CE's come and go. But there is one thing I'm sure of and that is KK is a one term CE. He has totally wiped out Recreation and Parks and the fine leadership it once had. Totally has ruined communications with the constituency to the point that we can't get a straight answer of why this is happening. I called several times and have gotten no response except from a Service rep.. The rep that has no knowledge of anything other then giving a generic answer. We want real answers. Buzz run for CE you got my vote.
Buzz Beeler November 07, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Norman, that was very kind of you but I learned the hard way politics is not my bag, writing is. I'm working on a story about a campaign reward where a person was given a created job and a large raise for working on a campaign. After I file my FIA I'll get more information. Someone said on the radio this morning how can you win against Santa Klaus? The truth no longer matters, just give me mine. What happens when the credit card is rejected. That's when the real problems begin. The middle class is outnumbered and even combined with the 1% it' still far short. Most people have no clue as to how government is run, much less who is running it. I had business man going under asking me who their councilman was and he thought I had won the race almost two years after the fact. I predict the rapid decline of this nation as the have-nots become more embolden outnumbering the haves. We just don't have the money or the means to make the money. You can't tax 47% of the people in this country that don't make enough to pay taxes. Our economy strongly impacts he rest of the world and while we are failing (16.5 trillion debt) others are being forced off the cliff. That fits our county executive to a tee. We can't win this one but maybe the executive race can find a new leader next time.
Norman Clarkson November 09, 2012 at 08:06 PM
Buzz. I'm sure that happens with every administration not just this one. I'm sure if you dig deep enough you will find that there are so many high payed County officials that are related. This administration feels they are in touchable and have force so many good employees out so they can place there friends, families and campaign staff in high paying positions. Good luck.


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