Join Dundalk United, Dave Patro, President of NPVCA asking all Associations in Dundalk to Please join the fight to save the North Point Government Center and Park.

I was promised by the county executive’s liaison that Kamenetz would come down to the area to meet occasionally with the leaders and members of the different community organizations. Right after he took office -- Coffee with Kevin / Question and Answers, what other ways to say it but Kevin doesn't care!
I noted that if Kevin had a better line of communication with the community, about the Government Center plan and the proposed closing of Eastwood Elementary School. We wouldn't be where we are now. He should have taken the time to meet with the community and inform the public and had a community input meeting before the RFP was ever put out there. I brought this to his attention at the NHCA annual meeting and he agreed. I have been a member of Dundalk United since Debbie Staigerwald came to my January 31st meeting of NPVCA and asked for our help. We took a vote on the floor that night and vowed our alliance, that NPVCA would stand together to stop the sale. I have been to two other meetings to get them on board with joining the Dundalk United effort. I am asking all community leaders to join with us. What they are doing at the North Point Government Center and Park. What they have already done to Eastwood Elementary School they can do to your Elementary school or park or community center. Just remember when people move to a community they make a decision to move there because of the schools, the parks, the low crime rate. Please join us!

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Buzz Beeler April 19, 2013 at 06:58 PM
Bob, I spent 39 years in that system and you saw what has happened to Eastwood Elementary School. They lied through their teeth. You know how arrogant they were when I got win of the armed guards in the elementary schools and said nothing when the whole police department new what was going on. They just defied a court decision to repay money owed. They defied the EEOC and the feds. You could be right, but I would be shocked if these deals don't go through. Where were the people in the primary when they had a chance to speak up? We had one of the lowest turnouts on record. People voted based on the name they heard and had no clue on the facts surrounding their decision. The Democrats have been running this government into the ground for years and people just stand by and let them do it.
kevin April 19, 2013 at 07:47 PM
Facts are facts .KK appeared at Diner in perry Hall earlier and said "I am the banker " did anyone know that he was taking control of all our money and spending as he decides? Rain tax rate is set by HIM . Fact is the Republican in Anne Arundel who even though is only temporary is letting her citizens express themselves and said she might Veto.KK Lying through his teeth and all those who are foolish enough to say he has to so he won't raise taxes like he promised .the facts again is the only taxes he is raising are on those who actually contribute to our county property taxbase.Renters,section 8 will not be affected day he signs this. before anyone attacks me Please tell me EXACTLY how much federal goverment is being charged for Social security complex and HIH and how much is Marty paying for state schools Colleges ,state road salt storage areas ? Mr. Kamenanetz promised transparency then used his own formula to figure out rates. can we get a federal investigation on exactly what bidders of NPGC and all other county properties knew about costs?If he released any of this to some and not all it should be a criminal offense .
kevin April 19, 2013 at 08:17 PM
In 2012 Baltimore county voted for ballot questions A,B,C,D,E they raised over $250,000 million to keep programs operating only takes a simple majority to vote any or all Ballot Questions .If Dundalk United wants to be heard let's pick out ballot questions in 2014 and just say NO.will there be problems ? Well yes and no see if Baltimore county doesn't pay the state will have to fund many of these programs .If they want to play hardball let's play hardball.They want to keep you ignorant of this power .Iusually support ballot questions but I felt that they cared about us .Just say NO to EVERY ballot Question.
Buzz Beeler April 19, 2013 at 08:39 PM
Kevin, you made some good comments. I am looking into some of those issues. I'm going to the county office of law on Monday to view some other documents. There is a lot a research in these issues and you take one at a time and get it right.
DAVID PATRO SR April 25, 2013 at 11:53 AM
Power in numbers Join now


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