Dundalk Wakes Up to An Unexpected Snowfall

Today's precipitation is expected to fully change to rain, according to Foot's Forecast.

Many Dundalkians were probably shocked to wake up this morning to see snow falling.

Weather predictions as of late Tuesday called for mostly rain and maybe some sleet today, but an error in computer model data proved those predictions to be off base, according to Rich Foot of Foot's Forecast.

The computer model called for temperatures to be four to six degrees warmer than they actually are, which Foot called a huge margin of error.

"A difference of four to six degrees in temperature is the equivalent of a 10-point error in an election poll—it makes a world of difference," Foot said Wednesday morning.

In some areas, this winter weather event could eclipse the storm of Jan. 30, 2012, Foot said. At the time, forecasters called for just snow flurries but more than six inches ultimately fell.

This is the latest statement from Greg Jackson, mid-Atlantic director for Foot's Forecast:

"Temperatures are dropping in some areas due to a wind coming from the NE and what we like to call, cold air damming. At this point we still believe the snow will transition to sleet and freezing rain eventually by noon around the city, but areas north and west of the city may be in for a very wintry day. When will it change over to plain rain, you ask? In and around Baltimore city we believe (it) may get to plain rain by mid-afternoon. If you are north and west of the city we may not see a change over to rain until closer to dinner time."

Jackson said areas north and west of Baltimore may see a snow accumulation of one to three inches of snow and areas along I-95 could get one to two inches of snow.

Ice accumulations across the region are expected to be two-tenths of an inch or less.


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