Governor Pushes Offshore Wind Energy Act

Governor O'Malley is attempting to pass the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act for the third time, and forcing Marylander's to pay for the project.

Another financial blow is about to hit Marylanders like a gust of wind. The Governor is attempting to pass the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act for the third year in a row, which would use a system of "offshore renewable energy credits" to help finance the construction of massive wind turbines a dozen or so miles off Ocean City. Under the bill, Marylanders would contribute money towards prices for the energy generated by the wind farms, with an increase of $1.50 per month for the average electric customer. The bill, in basic terms, is just another tax increase for Marylanders that may already be struggling to pay bills now. The Governor has also admitted that the project may take years to get under way, and by this time, that state of the economy may still have not recovered enough to support more unstable projects. The measure offers a "narrow strike zone" that wind developers may well be unable to hit, the Governor has said. He even suggested that Maryland may need to partner with neighboring Delaware or with the federal government to provide enough incentives for a project to be launched in the mid-Atlantic. The terms still remain unclear and the skies cloudy on this bill that seems like nothing but another poor investment for the state of Maryland.

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Tony January 25, 2013 at 09:48 AM
Sorry to rain on your parade with facts Tim, but George Bush actually took the first big step in raising fuel efficiency while he was in office. He mandated 35mpg by 2020. I know it doesn’t help your argument but sometimes you got to face the facts. As a side note, I was not a big fan of W or Obama. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22326795/ns/business-oil_and_energy/t/bush-signs-bill-boosting-car-fuel-economy/
Honeygo Hal January 25, 2013 at 01:20 PM
Re: taxing per mile. Up til now, a fuel tax was a pretty good way to build roads and pay for the wear and tear on the roads and infrastructure. But with electric vehicles and other alternatives, that will put the burden on fossil-fueled vehicles and give the alternates a free ride (no pun intended.) I would support paying by the mile IF the gas tax were abolished, or perhaps restructured to cover/discourage pollution. That wouldn't happen overnight, so some sort of phase-in might be required. But going ahead we need to account for the impact that alternative fuel vehicles impose.
Tim January 25, 2013 at 08:03 PM
Tony: Good point in that he took the first step. I was indeed, not aware. Obama has subsequently taken further measures, the last phase in 2011. Doesn't really alter or disprove my point, however. It just means I forgot "W" got the ball rolling. Not much rain on this parade.
kevin January 26, 2013 at 07:45 PM
O'Malley and his Wind Co. yes his company can't dispute,O'Malley fronting company family, former staff formed.Result big Billion $ payoff to company by Fed grants.Wind subsidies going when O forced to deal debt.Extensions year to year original targets Energy Act surpassed years ago.Target 30% already above 35% in place.One big Obama payoff election friends.Research will provide major donors and families own Wind development Solyundra Squared.O'Malley knows offshore wind, project in Galway Bay Ireland since 90's.He.visited on his early state development trips surprise cabinet members resigned start Wind Energy companies.Galway Bay pretty much failure,oil has to be over $200.00 barrel to be competative.So far no successful turbine to hold warrenty.Marylanders will pay big, turbines won't be built,grants like ones Opinion Works will be made (polling company that uses landlines and questions always showing O'Malley ideas ahead).Fed funds dry up.Guess what Marylanders have to buy % Green energy.Cost ? Remember 16 cent kilowatt that now 8 cents? Energy co.have to subsidize buy Green or pay difference it would cost extra 5cents.O cuts grants,easy spending cut since it's just slush fund to someday trade .Original energy act after Carter supposed to be twenty years at most.O'Malley doesn't have to build a windmill but friends rich rest of thier lives.This is O'Malley/Curran retirement fund.Busch and Miller families now join.Check any legislator who goes along with,Dirty or stupid!
Nancy Eubert January 27, 2013 at 12:24 PM
Why are they putting the wind turbines out over the water? I can remember when it was suggested to put them in the mountains (western MD) they said they were too dangerous for the birds. What about people/boats in the water?


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