2 Dundalk Elementary Schools Closing and "Superintendent" Dance Disengages from the Community

Why is "Suprintendent" Dallas Dance shifiting his responsibility to Principals in Dundalk? Where is Councilman John Olszewzki Sr. when his community needs him?

Where was BCPS Superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance for the community meeting at Eastwood Magnet Elementary School when parents were told that ther school was closing?  Why would any superintendent email Dundalk citizens a response basically telling them "he has no involvement" and that they should talk to the principals of Norwood Elementary Schools and Eastwood Magnet Elementary Schools.  It was not the decison of those principals to close the schools so that Baltimore County Government can complete a lucrative land deal leaving no Baltimore Couny Government Center without a home.


Wouldn't it have been a better idea for BCPS to relocate the Holabird Middle School Students to another under capacity middle school?  Or maybe BCPS could relocate the Holibird Middle School students to Norwood Elementary School building and the Norwood Elementary School students to the Holabird Middle School building.  Here is a novel idea--involve the community in the process first instead of making a stupid decision that will greatly impact so many families and then sending them an email.


Dallas Dance is the "stealth superintendent" who sends his underlings to do his dirty work. We see him for photo ops when horrific school shootings occur in Perry Hall and Newtown CT. Other than that we do not see him.  Is this he person that should be the superintendent of one of the largest school systems in the United States.  Here is another reason to elect the School Board.  Look at the person that they picked to be the superintendent.  He is an inexperienced 32 year old who has been in the education field for only a few years with limited experience.  So what if he know how to "Tweet"!


Where is Councilman John Olszewski Sr, crony of Kevin Kamenetz, when his community needs him?    He is strangely silent.  Where is the Board of Education of Baltimore County?  Also strangely silent.  What Board of Education Policies address school closings and allow the superintendent to creat these strange new configurations for elementary schools?  I cannot find the policies, but would love to have my Board representative call me and help me find such policies.


For all intents and purposes the 2 schools as we know them, Norwood Elementary School and Eastwood Magnet Elementary School are closing.  They are not moving.  Dr. Dance and Company are combining Kindergarten to grade 3 fro Norwood and Eastwood and putting them in the Norwood Elementary School Building.  They are taking still innocent grade 4 and grade 5 students from Nowood and Eastwood and putting them into Holabird Midldle School Building with grade 7 and grade 8 adolescent students going through puberty.  The are also eliminating the magnet school.  These are school closings that will dramatically impact the students at the current Norwood and Eastwood Magnet Elementary Schools and their familes.  


What educational science is Dr. Dance utilizing in creating these newly configured schools for the students of Norwood Elementary School and Eastwood Magnet Elementary School?  They are certainly not K-8 schools.  Anyone with any common sense recognizes that the only K-8 schools that are going to be successful are either private schools or K-8 schools that begin with kindergarten students and add grades as those student progress.  Just throwing students together in a school building does not mean that Dr. Dance is "creating" a K-8 school.  


Is it just me or is Dr. Dance beginning to act like Stuart Berger who had some really "wild" ideas.  You remember Dr. Berger--He is the Superintendent who had to climb out the Board of Education meeting room window in the 1990's to escape the angry Baltimore County citizens.  Perhaps a good nickname for Dr. Dance would be "Stuart Berger Lite".  


Dr. Dance seems to be a puppet of Baltimore County Government.  He seems to go along with County Executive Kamenetz' development strategy for Baltimore County, including closing schools, at the expense of the well being of BCPS students.  All the while Kevin Kamenetz attempts to get citizen buy in by hinting that Baltimore County Government will withhold air conditioning from community schools that should have been air conditioned in the 20th century.  


Land deals that Baltimore County Government is proposing, like moving the Towson Fire Department to one of the only parks in Towson to the sale of the Dundalk Government Center, seem to come with a promise of air conditioning for schools. Preposterous!  These are the same types  of empty promises the State of Maryland gave citizens when they voted in the lottery and when they recently voted to support expanded gambling sites in Baltimore City and Prince George's County.  


This is only the tip of the iceberg.  I have "heard it through the grapevine" that BCPS plans similar school closings in Cockeysville and on the West Side of Baltimore County.  And this is supposed to be the most transparent Baltimore County Administration!

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