Kelley Albrecht: The 63rd District Needs a New Perspective

Kelley Albrecht can bring something new to the 63rd Assembly District. Armed with integrity and compassion, Albrecht can bring some much needed change.

Possible Ironic Fraud?

“I did not personally witness any voter fraud,” Vos said. “But some portion of what happened could be classified as fraud.”

That was Representative Robin Vos’ statement on Upfront with Mike Gousha shortly after the Senator Lehman/Wanggaard recount fiasco. Vos has been a staunch supporter of Voter ID laws and a big ole wolf crier on voter fraud. What makes it all the more ironic that his soon-to-be ex wife is being investigated for, yep, you guessed it ... voter fraud.

Vos’ opponent for the 63rd Assembly District, Kelley Albrecht, stated, “It is beyond the pale that the only case of documented voter fraud in Racine County may have occurred in Rep. Vos’ family – a family having many, many years of experience working in the political field and on political campaigns.”

Samantha Vos has been accused of committing voter fraud by casting a ballot in several Wisconsin elections after having declared residency in Idaho. Either she has had a series of political brain farts or she is one pissed off wife who knows how to cut a guy with some sharp irony. Or perhaps it was a misunderstanding and her real mistake was filing for divorce as an Idahoan. Who knows. That’s for the investigators to figure out.

It should be pointed out that the Voter ID laws the GOP/Tea Party have been bulldozing throughout the country would not have prevented the above mentioned case of possible voter fraud. It should also be mentioned that as of today, no case has been turned over for prosecution of voter fraud in the county.

And honestly, if voter fraud was the true motive behind the Voter ID laws, if there was real evidence that Voter ID would be beneficial to our Democracy and if IDs were completely free and easily accessible – then I don’t think you would find too many Democrats/Progressives so against them. But the fact is, these laws, much of which have been authored by corporate funded right wing organizations, are nothing more than an attempt to disenfranchise voters whom typically vote against their extreme conservative ideals.

So, it really cracks me up that there has been a hush of silence in regards to this Samantha Vos case. Had this been a spouse of a Democrat, I am fairly certain (heck, I’d bet a toe) that this story would be plastered over the local paper and Republican figures would be stomping up and down in glorious arrogance.

Personally, I will not scream ‘voter fraud’ before more information has been made available and until we have the full story. But I can still appreciate the irony as I sit back and wait. Pass the popcorn, Robin?

Why Vos is a Loss

I think many of Vos’ constituents have come to see the light when it comes to his values and priorities.

“My opponent has lost his way in the pressure of corporate interest and greed,” said Albrecht.

Robin Vos is one of 43 Republican legislators who have been accused of illegally accepting  gifts from A.L.E.C. (The American Legislative Exchange Council). He also stepped into it when it came to questionable gifted legal fees being a reason for his bowing out of a lawsuit dealing with (cough) voter ID. I mean, if you hang around with garbage long enough, it is hard not to pick up the stench (note to Paul Ryan: Fabreeze).

Representative Vos has joined the Tea Party parade and has shown his ultra right winged views increasingly in the past few years. Like many old school Republicans, he went from reasonable to full on resistance as soon as he saw the opportunity for corporate advantages.

“My opponent has been bought out by corporate interests and no longer represents the people’s interest. He has handed over our tax funds to his cronies and denied citizens their right to access to their government and participation. In the process, he has violated ethics and continues to thwart the law to further his own agenda,” claims Albrecht.

Albrecht: Integrity Trumps Politics

Kelley Albrecht grew up in a very large family and was taught the value of hard work, compassion and accountability. She went on to work as a Nuclear Fuel Handler and had many hurdles during that time. She stood up for herself and others at the risk of her job, livelihood and personal safety. Kelley knew long ago who she was and of what she was made.

Integrity is at the heart of the Albrecht promise. While loyalty can be a valuable virtue in many aspects of life – the loyalty Kelley feels for her future constituency trumps any other. She will always make her decisions and cast her vote with the citizens in mind. She refuses to cave to lobbyists, special interests or even party lines.

“You see, we are not elected to simply walk into a chamber and case a vote. We must understand how that vote will affect the people we serve,” Kelley added.

There will be a debate between Candidate Kelley Albrecht and Representative Robin Vos at JI Case High School on Monday October 22, 2012 at 7:00pm. Listen to what they have to say and make your own informed decision.

Jeff Simpson October 02, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Do you get paid to troll Patch and defend the indefensible????
James R Hoffa October 02, 2012 at 07:30 AM
@Watching the stupidity - Hopelessly misinformed - Hoffa thinks not. You may actually want to look in the mirror. No, Hoffa is not a felon. 1 district having to be redrawn to suit a racial quota - that's not saying very much! And the original point had to do with the expenses involved of going to court - whether it's because of impasse or challenged constitutionality, it costs the same, so what's your point in regards to the original context? Hoffa realize that you libs love to shift the subject or take things out of context, but Alinsky doesn't work on Hoffa. You'll have to do better than that! Depends upon how one defines the word 'investigation.' Hoffa used to work in the Racine County DA's office under Bob Flancher, but not anymore and not for a while. However, Hoffa knows the current DA, Rich Chiapete very well, and Hoffa can tell you that at the most, Rich will just confirm everything that Samantha Vos' attorney stated in the letter - if it's all true, then there's no case and the complaint goes into the circular file, where it belongs! As far as Nevada marriage law is concerned, you are correct - there is no residency requirement, however other states do have a residency requirement, and Hoffa's analogy would apply to such situations. The point is what's important here - not the specifics! Hoffa was merely attempting to explain the legal concept of domicile vs residency - ya dig? Call Hoffa whatever you like - it's not going to hurt his feelings!
Margie Vos November 02, 2012 at 06:42 PM
BEFORE YOU VOTE FOR KELLEY ALBRECHT...Talk to her, she has no plans, no information and no idea what she is talking about! But talk to her and find out for yourself I DID!!!!
Margie Vos November 02, 2012 at 06:48 PM
I attended the meeting at JI CASE. I admired all the guests except Kelley the other guests all gave their ideas and suggestions on how they could help Racine county and our state. everu time Kelley had to answer a question she tried her darndest to slander robin vos--no plans, no suggestions, just trash as I have also seen in her ads. Is that what you want to represent your future?
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