Search Continues for Dundalk Woman Accused of Burglaries

Howard County Sheriff's Office says leads dried up after investigating "kind of a flophouse" in Dundalk.

The search for a pair of suspected burglars wanted in Howard County for their possible involvement in a string of daytime door kick-in burglaries continues after they failed to show up at a bail hearing on Nov. 15, law enforcement officials said.

The Howard County Sheriff's Office is leading the search for Joseph Leo Baumgarten, of Pasadena, and Dianna Marketti of Dundalk.

"We sent some deputies out, they backtracked them out all the way to the Dundalk area where they hit a dead end at an abandoned foreclosed home ... kind of a flophouse," said Mark Verderaime of the Howard County Sheriff's Office. "That's where it went cold."

"They're still looking into it. [Deputies] have probably hit three, four locations, and talked to some people, but so far, negative," said Verderaime.

Baumgarten, 40, and Marketti, 30, were arrested in October by Howard County Police after detectives said they tracked them down through sales of stolen items at pawn shops and stolen Ravens tickets.

The day after their arrest, they were each by a District Court Commissioner. Howard County assistant state's attorney Natasha Byus then filed a motion to have their bail altered, due to their past criminal records and the number of burglaries they are suspected by police to be involved in.

After being released, Baumgarten allegedly attacked Marketti, assaulting her and stealing her vehicle, according to Baltimore County Police.

A hearing to alter their bail was scheduled for Nov. 15, but neither Marketti nor Baumgarten showed, and warrants were issued for their arrests, law enforcement officials said.

"We're still working on it, still trying to see if we can track them down," said Verderaime.

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