Election Day: Baltimore County Offices Closed; Trash Pickup is On

Trash and recyclables will be picked up as scheduled in Baltimore County on Tuesday; all county libraries will be open.

After you finish voting on Tuesday, you can stop by your local library to read a book, check out a movie or just sit and enjoy some quiet time.

Your trash and recyclables will be picked up as normally scheduled, but most other county offices will be closed for the day and many services will be unavailable.

All Baltimore County government offices and District and Circuit courts will be closed on Election Day, according to a statement from county officials. 

While all libraries will be open during normal operating hours, health department clinics and senior centers will be closed and CountyRide vans will not operate.

Trash and recyclables will be collected according to the normal schedule.  The County's trash and recycling drop-off facilities will be open.

Residents can visit www.bcrecycles.com for more information about recycling and trash collection, including drop-off center locations and hours.  Residents may also call the Bureau of Solid Waste Management at 410-887-2000.

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Buzz Beeler November 06, 2012 at 06:48 PM
The public information is closed even when it's open. They never comment or return phone calls. That's why when I need some information I file a FIA and then they have to get back to you. When will they learn to stop playing coverup?
Steve November 06, 2012 at 07:01 PM
It's not a coverup. They just get tired of being pestered with stupid questions.
Buzz Beeler November 06, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Steve, you are one of, or I should say the top poster who is well below the average of the standard intellect, especially since you have said you hold three degrees from Purdue. I would be willing to bet you never made it past high school and could not provide a diploma or GED much less a MBA. As your brilliant mind works, I have been very successful at the filing of PIA's involving Baltimore County. I am working on one right now on a hot tip. Now as a (self described college boy) you might want to do some research and tell the folks which ones I have filed that were not successful because of their stupid questions. I'll wait for that one forever like I've been waiting for validation of your education or better yet, lack there of. It's almost like you enjoy being put down. Does that do something for you, or coming after me make you feel important?


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