Shakeup Planned in Village Clerk's Office

Eliminating a position will result in savings even if there are more than the two scheduled elections next year.

Mount Pleasant trustees Tuesday generally approved of plans to reorganize the village clerk's office next year.

Village Clerk/Treasurer Veronica Rudychev presented her ideas to the Village Board during a budget workshop at Village Hall.

Rudychev said she only needs one, full-time deputy clerk to work as her primary backup while also assisting with projects and elections. There are now two full-time deputies, and her plan is to eliminate the second position and hire two, part-time administrative/reception positions at 20 hours a week and an hourly wage of $10 to $15.

"Not only will we save on salary, but also on health insurance and other fringe benefits," she told trustees.

Savings could range from $7,500 and $24,000 for the year, depending on the hours works and the wage.

Village President James Majdoch said he appreciated Rudychev bringing her idea to the budget meeting, but said he wanted trustees to also consider that one of the full-time deputies may retire as of May 1.

"Maybe the numbers should reflect keeping that person on full-time until May 1 and then hiring the two part-time positions," he suggested.

But Trustee Karen Albeck said the clerk's budget didn't allow for that. She did suggest having a conversation with the employee to gauge that person's interest in taking one of the part-time positions. Payroll Coordinator Heidi Peltz reminded the board that a terminated employee is eligible for unemployment to the tune of a projected $19,000 for the year.

"If this person doesn't take the offer, then there is no unemployment to consider," she noted.

Rudychev said she is willing to talk to the employee in question but said she has not heard anything from this person about retirement. She also said she would expect this employee to apply for the part-time job and be as fully vetted as any other job applicant.

Richard Head October 10, 2012 at 10:37 AM
I took a screen shot of the above - and have saved it to my computer. At this point in time - ask yourself - Do I want to see a Mount Pleasant Police Officer, perhaps accompanied by an F.B.I. agent at my door investigating me for a STALKER complaint? The choice is yours. Is it your true desire to be like the Waukesha Judge who made a fool of herself in Mt. Pleasant and had her picture in the paper? I would suggest removing the comment, forgetting who I am, and maintaining your dignity and sobriety - or the police will be at your door.
Teresa Stevenson October 10, 2012 at 03:09 PM
This new village clerk really has no idea how much work is required of these two ladies. The two Sue's run the whole front office at the village hall. I'd reevaluate what this Veronica Rudychev is really trying to do. Maybe she has a friend or family member that needs a job. Who in there right mind would want to work for Mt Pleasant part-time with no benefits? That's not an employer I would want to work for. Jim take a good look at the underlying issues that is making this new clerk want to get rid of a valued employee that has been with the village for many years longer than her. Just saying!
Teresa Stevenson October 10, 2012 at 03:29 PM
The village is struggling financially because of Mike Andreasen and the village board that supported him. Sue was there through all the stressful time and is now being forced out because they're trying to cut back on expense. Maybe the village should take a look at how some people got placed in positions and paid high wages with no education or experience. Mike really screwed everything up and was supported by the village board. The village voting Jim as Board President was the best thing they could have done. Somebody has to correct all the wrong that's been done. Make sure you Mt Pleasant residents pay him what he's worth, cause he will be fixing Mike's garbage for years to come. The only thing I see that could be better would be for Jim to been hired as Village Administrator. Good Luck!
BFranklin October 10, 2012 at 11:04 PM
It would seem to me that the first thing one would do when discussing reorganizing a position is to actually know who your employees are and their intentions in regard to the position. It seems unfathomable that the Village Clerk was not aware nor did she broach the subject of retirement. If you have someone who will retire in 8 months don't you look at that and allow them to remain in that position until then? You then avoid any unemployment claims as well as the possibility of an age discrimination claim. Further, my understanding is that the budget for the department actually goes up substantially after these changes are made instead of reducing it. Why is this so? Another thing to think about would be the turnover rate for part time positions with no benefits. I also believe that Ms. Albeck is incorrect in her assertion that by asking a full time person with benefits to take a part time job the town can get past the potential unemployment claim.
Fed up with Mt Pleasant October 19, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Maybe the new clerk would do well to actually speak to both of her employees not just the one who sucks up. This Village is notorious for never speaking to the actual individuals concerned. They prefer to walk around the building talking about this with everyone but the employee involved. Please Mr. madjoch TAKE CONTROL!


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