Alleged Bullying Case at Dundalk High 'Thoroughly Investigated'

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice posted about the allegation on his Facebook page today.

Screen shot of Ray Rice's Facebook page.
Screen shot of Ray Rice's Facebook page.
Dundalk residents have reached out to Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, a known advocate for anti-bullying efforts, about an alleged case of bullying at Dundalk High School.

"I want to know exactly what is going on at Dundalk High School," Rice wrote this morning on Facebook. "NOT happy about all the messages I am getting from students about a boy being bullied so bad he is attempting to hurt himself repeatedly. NOT happy that many of the messages involve the staff not acting or taking written reports which they are required to do."

Baltimore County Public Schools officials responded to Rice's posts by saying in a statement the school system "thoroughly investigated" the bullying allegation.

"Due to concerns for student privacy, Baltimore County Public Schools cannot discuss this situation in detail," spokeswoman Diana Spencer said in a statement. "However, the school system can confirm that alleged bullying at Dundalk High School was thoroughly investigated and that school system procedures were followed."

Every teacher and administrator at the school has received training in a bullying prevention program called Olweus, and they share a schoolwide bullying prevention lesson each month with all students, according to Spencer.

The mother of the victimized boy said in a phone interview with Dundalk Patch that her son, a special needs student, is hospitalized after threatening suicide in response to multiple incidents of bullying at the school.

Later in the day, Rice updated his status to thank the many posters who pledged to get more active in anti-bullying efforts.

The online conversation picked up steam throughout the day, generating more than 1,000 comments and more than 1,150 shares of Rice's original post.

"I would like to thank the overwhelming number of parents, teachers, and students from DHS who have messaged pledging to not be a bystander to bullying!!" Rice said in the post. "Horrible to wake up to messages about a kid in the hospital over an attempted suicide he says is because of bullying. I am THRILLED with the positive response from teachers and students promising to work together. We CAN make a difference!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING ACTION!!"
Tricia G December 06, 2013 at 06:34 AM
It's unfortunate that it takes a football player posting about it on Facebook before anything was investigated. I'm happy we have Ray Rice to shed some light on this horrible situation but why aren't ALL bullies investigated/taken care of?
David Robert Crews December 06, 2013 at 03:59 PM
According to two Dundalk High School students, whom I spoke with yesterday, the kid this story is about had bullied other kids for years. Then he made the mistake of bullying an upperclassman, who basically told the kid to quit verbally assaulting me or you'll get hurt. If two DHS kids told me, then other people are saying the same thing. This needs to be taken into full consideration. It may or may not be true, but it must be added onto the investigation. This may be a case of a bully being backed down and not handle able to scare everyone he tries to. If he is a bully who picked on the wrong one, he was humiliated. If he actually is the victim of bullying, he was humiliated. Either way, he needs help from school councilors, etc, and his family.


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