Cejnowski Named Patapsco High Student of the Week

Sophomore John Cejnowski becomes the school's first-ever Student of the Week, a program created to recognize positive behaviors.

Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts sophomore John Cejnowski has received an honor that will forever place him in the school's history books.

Cejnowski has been named the school's first Student of the Week, an honor created to recognize and promote positive actions and behaviors among students, according to Liberty Grayek, the school's magnet coordinator.

The inaugural Student of the Week was nominated for the honor by teacher Janice Singh, who said John is "honorable and protective."

"If he sees anyone being mistreated, he steps in to do what needs to be done in the right way," she said in a statement.

Students will be nominated on a weekly basis by faculty members for a variety of positive reasons, such as attitude, behavior and work ethic, according to Grayek.

Each week's winner will be drawn in a lottery of all the names of teacher-nominated students.


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