A Quiet Day at an Edgemere Pub Turns Into an Impromptu Movie Night

A small, post-Thanksgiving crowd on Friday allowed Edgemere's Bay Shore Bar and Grill to become a movie theater for the night.

Two Bay Shore Bar and Grill customers enjoyed an impromptu move night Friday. Photo by Marge Neal
Two Bay Shore Bar and Grill customers enjoyed an impromptu move night Friday. Photo by Marge Neal
I stopped in to the Bay Shore Bar and Grill late Friday afternoon to get some work done for Saturday morning.

From the looks of the crowd—or lack thereof—folks must have been too tuckered out from Thursday's Thanksgiving celebration, still too full of turkey or too shellshocked from either a day spent with family or a day spent at crowd-crazed stores on Black Friday—to venture out for some pub grub and an adult beverage or two.

It's also been a sad week at the Edgemere restaurant, with the death of its beloved owner, George Kotrosa, on Tuesday.

So the few customers at the bar were quiet and subdued as bartender Natascha Zacharko catered to their every need.

But the evening turned into an unusual and intimate gathering, as if it were in someone's living room instead of a local restaurant.

Without a loud crowd demanding a particular radio station, or insisting it be cranked loud enough to necessitate screaming to be heard by the person in the next bar stool, Natascha had created an informal movie blitz, with screenings of Spaceballs, The Birds and Ghost.

She put candles out on the bar for some ambiance, and the few customers sat and attentively watched the movies. We laughed at Spaceballs, laughed again—this time because of the poor acting and over-the-top drama—at The Birds, and cried during Ghost.

I apparently missed the screening of Blazing Saddles, as well as most of Spaceballs.

This might not sound like that big of a deal to you. But it was one of those accidental events that just morphed organically at a little local business,  simply because circumstances allowed it, and I was happy to be an accidental part of it.



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