How Are You Celebrating National S'Mores Day?

Make sure graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars are on today's shopping list!

In case it snuck up on you (or you didn't know about it in the first place), let me be the first to tell you that today, Aug. 10, is National S'Mores Day!

I was rather disappointed to learn that S'Mores Day is not on my company's official holiday list, but there's always time to lobby for that.

In case you were never a Girl Scout, or never went camping, a S'More is a confectionary treat made from graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars.

The usual technique is to roast the marshmallow over a campfire, and then create a sandwich with layers of the gooey marshmallows and a few chocolate squares between graham crackers.

(I confess to substituting Peeps for regualar marhsmallows—the sugar coating carmelizes and adds another dimenison to the treat).

The heat of the roasted marshmallow partially melts the chocolate, creating a warm, sweet, messy dessert loved by kids of all ages.

But apprently the S'More has come a long way since the recipe was first published in 1927 in the Girl Scouts Handbook.

Gourmet recipes call for more sophisticated creations. For example, a Belgian S'More adds bits of licorice to the center, which makes a chewier treat.

S'Mores Turtles, a recipe from Kraft foods, calls for caramel, honey grahams, chocolate candy kisses, marshmallows and pecans.

Strawberry and Chocolate S'Mores are made with dark chocloate and strawberry slices in addition to the traditional marshmallows and grahams.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals even offers vegan S'Mores rescipes.

Older "kids" who would prefer more of an adult version of the treat can try several cocktail recipes— what could be better than a S'Mores martini?

So get to the grocery store, stock up on all of the necessary ingredients, make sure you have some dry firewood, stoke up the firepit and celebrate National S'Mores Day.

And just so you aren't caught unaware again, here's a head's up that National Marshmallow Day is Aug. 30.

Karen Ebersole August 14, 2012 at 02:50 AM
I grew up in Dundalk, but now live in Colorado. I am the Naturalist at the Cherry Creek State Park and part of my duties include Friday night and Saturday night programs at the Amphitheater. Friday night was s'mores and ghost stories. We supply the ingredients but some bring their own. I had a wonderful Indian family (from the country of India)who brought their own ingredients. They brought marshmellows, chocolate and saltines. They had no idea what graham crackers were. Well, let me tell you, once they tasted them, they only wanted graham crackers.


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