Power Still Out Throughout Pikesville Area

Plenty of problems remain as of Saturday night.

Pikesville still was suffering from plenty of damage from the storm that tore through the region. 

After the extreme heat during the day Friday — temperatures over 100 with heat indices that pushed past 110 — the huge storm hit late Friday. There was a lot of damage, enough for Gov. Martin O'Malley to issue a state of emergency for the state due to the harsh storms, high temperatures and long period of time it's expected to recover.

On Saturday night, many traffic lights remained out and numerous neighborhoods were without power. Various reports have said that, in certain situations, it could take days to fix everything. 

Trees had been lifted out of the ground, snapped in half and simply broken by the sheer force of the storm. Much of the damage remained in place in Pikesville Saturday night.

Pikesville resident Michael Schwartzberg got some photos of the damage. Visit his photo gallery "'Derecho' Storm Hits Pikesville."

On stretches of Reisterstown Road below the Beltway, traffic lights remained out. Cars were having trouble moving, especially those wanting to turn left.

In addition, traffic lights weren't working in other parts of Pikesville either, especially from the Beltway over towards Pikesville High. Most of the traffic lights were out in that area, also. 

According to Pikesville Patch readers, the storm has caused some damage.

David Castine tweeted Saturday that there were road closures on Park Heights Avenue north of Hooks Lane, as well as on Old Court Road.

On Facebook, a reader said "Sudbrook (Park) didn't fare real well. Power lines down and large trees making roads impassable. That was one heck of a storm."

The Ralston community, however, didn't appear to have a lot of damage, the reader said.

Ari Rosen gave tweeted to Patch that the BGE trucks were out at his place "ASAP and power was restored quickly!"

Know of any other street closures, outtages or damages in Pikesville, Stevenson, Lochearn, Milford Milll, Randallstown, or any of our surrounding communities?

Share so that we can all benefit, and avoid those roads.

If you have photos from the storm you're welcome to upload them to this story.

Shelly Bazensky July 02, 2012 at 10:30 AM
Pikesville looked terrible with all the trees and power lines down. I hope they get the power back on soon. Lot's of eldery folks not doing so well with the power out. Please don't forget to check on them. BGE is doing the best they can but wow...this is bad.
Christine July 03, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Over near Fort Garrison Elementary, in the Stevenson neighborhood, power is still out (as of Tuesday morning). There was a power line lying across the road for three straight days.
Karen July 05, 2012 at 01:51 PM
BGE's "automated" system is a joke. First it stated by midnight, then this moring it stated midnight TOMORROW. These people have no clue. I talked to a dispatcher in an air conditioned office who was "very sorry" for the delay. Are they kidding!
Mary Adams-Lackey July 07, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Pictures I posted were all taken in Sudbrook Park. Still haven't figured out how to post captions with them, except for the first one, which was, initially, posted in the wrong place.
Janet Metzner July 09, 2012 at 01:05 PM
Hi Mary, to post photos to this story, click on the button that says 'Upload Photos and Videos.' That button is located on the photo that's already attached to the story. Then, you'll search your computer to find the photo you want to upload. Click on it and follow the directions on your computer. Call me if you'd like me to walk you through it, I can follow along on my PC or Mac. Janet Metzner, editor 410-302-9093


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